1. #totesobsessed 

    Pair with vintage-esque boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt for a femme tomboy look. 


    step up.


  2. Pictures are forbidden at the Soho House in WeHo, but I don’t believe in abiding by rules that don’t suit my fancy. The Soho House in LA is slightly reminiscent of the decor at the Hudson in New York and the SLS Hotel - very Philipe Starck-esque with lots of nautical themes throughout. Might I add - watching films in the theatre is simply the best. I’m not one for wanting McMansions, but I would love a film room with lux seating - one that’s modern, of course. 


  3. Monochrome situations in LA and San Fran. This was when we just moved into a brand new place together, and many pictures were taken as we lounged about in different locales. #so2013


  4. A happy dreamer caught in reality and dreams. 


  5. Fancy bra situation necessitated by loose tank tank. #ootd


  6. Exploring Eden

    If ever there was a place very Eden like in America, I would say Los Angeles would be it. The weather is always ideal, and there is always an opportunity to get away from it - San Fran for when you’re craving a sunny/gloomy day, the mountain tops for a quick ski trip, and desert in Palm Springs. 

    When I first moved to LA, my friend Cara and I would make it a point to explore different areas around our ‘hood. We lived in WeHo at the time, and she had walked past this particular nursery and thought it was worth capturing. I donned a very feminine shirt dress made entirely of silk and my favorite strappy heels for our walk. For some reason, I couldn’t entirely get in the mood for being captured, but I think the results were more authentic. 


  7. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of perching at a downtown restaurant by the name of Perch. It provided the most beautiful views that were especially picturesque on this particular evening with the mixture of clouds + lighting reflected in the sky. I would highly recommend Perch for a group outing or for a romantic evening.


  8. I met my friend Rina a few years ago when we were both working at a high-end jewelry store in Minneapolis. We hit it off right away - she liked to mock the way I sauntered up and down the stairs as though there was a spotlight on me, and I liked her energy and ability to make me laugh at any/every thing. 

    This past weekend, Rina and I were able to get together for brunch and drinks, walk around and make fools of ourselves in Santa Monica. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon. We snapped a hundred or so photos hanging out in The Penthouse where we dined. {Should you happen to frequent The Penthouse for brunch, might I suggest the bacon waffles with eggs over easy on top. It was decadent and satiated all my cravings.}


  9. Idk why but there is such a Parisian feel in the air tonight. #losangeles #junegloom


  10. Recently, I saw a pair of ceramic knuckle dusters from artist Charles Krafft. (Um, click on the links if you haven’t already - such whimsy and attention to detail!) Then today whilst perusing art I ran into the ceramic pieces crafted by Magnus Gjoen above. 

    I don’t know how one can display ceramic pieces in a modern, minimalist way (perhaps as desk accessories?), but I am a fan! I love the detail and the texture/temperature of ceramic. There’s a feeling of fragility at hand, and then to have something like canned soup or knuckle dusters in ceramic form - I’m sold.