1. Sometime in the past few months, I “discovered’ Aussie designer Megan Park, and I found myself enamored with her designs. They are fluid, luxurious, and have an understated glamour. Above, I am wearing one of her tunics made of silk and accessorized with beautiful embroidery using dark grey beads. I will have to take a full-length selfie of this shirt - it’s absolutely gorgeous and deserves to be captured in all its lilac silk and chiffon glory. 

    'Til next time. 


  2. And back by, erm, popular demand. Crazy dancing gifs of me. And St. Medusa handbags. And fun times. An-an- and. 

    That’s all for now. Czech back soon!


  3. Two pictures. Same dress. One with the magic of a Japanime app on my iPhone which has a stickie for Psy and some type of coked out hen. The Japanese do everything so well and with such flair!

    "What slash whom are you wearing?" is probably the prime pregunta running through your brain. Well - probably not, but tell you I will (your Pakistani Yoda is what I aim to be today). Le dress is from Wang. Alexander, that is. Because the dress is uber long and I am of an average height, I belted the dress with a skinny belt and paired a shrunken H&M jacket on top. The shoes, barely discernible, are of a Miu-Miu nature, and in my hands I hold a NARS lip pencil along with Perrier so I can be properly hydrated. 

    And that is all I have for you today, folks! 


  4. A snapshot of Cara and me - capturing Cara is a rare occurrence so this is rather special.

    This photos series was taken by my friend Cara in the heart of West Hollywood when I first moved to the LA area. I remember feeling very enamored by this magical city where dreams can come true in a split second when you least expect it. I would venture out at night and go to new places by myself where I would meet people from all walks of life. Despite the challenges I’ve faced making this city my home, I love living in a place where people are truly free to be as weird and creative as they want to be.


  5. The J. Crew Collection for Summer 2013 has debuted today! Or perhaps earlier, and I wasn’t on top of it. Nonetheless, above I have curated some of my favorite pieces. They are the following: 

    1. Thomas Mason’s shirtdress

    Yes, I am trés obsessed with the LWD, and want to build a collection of them. This one is timeless - pair a sweater on top and you can wear it year round (who subscribes to the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule anymore?).

    2. Collection Cafe Capri in Medallion

    This is a throwback to my native land of Pakistan - the silk and embroidery are very reminiscent of saris and chemises I saw when I visited in Fall 2011. 

    3. Collection Capri in Embellished Floral

    I love the hue of the pants along with the floral embroidery. These capris are what I imagine a proper Southern girl would wear as she runs around town for errands. I also like the look as it’s paired with a chambray button down versus a sweatshirt, although I can appreciate the dichotomy of the textures and casual vs. formal aesthetic. 

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to unearth my J. Crew pieces for an ensemble today as I am muy inspired. 


  6. I have had these Juicy Couture trousers for an eternity - they’re such a classic design they’ve lasted over the years. I am especially fond of the light blue piping on the sides that elongates my form. My shirt is from Anthropologie where I ogled the sequined tee for a long time deciding whether it would follow under the category of “Wear Once or Twice Before Disappearing Into the Great Abyss” or something that will last for a few seasons. I think the muted sequins allow it to fall into the latter category - I certainly don’t regret the purchase. 


  7. Let’s make sure to take ourselves very seriously on this Tuesday morning. 


  8. A look of a vintage nature inspired by my friend Kanlaya’s handbag line, St. Medusa


  9. Wearing high fashion (Lanvin) and tending to some pho in the heart of K-town. This, after I spilled half a drink on said high-fashion dress. #fashionfail


  10. These paws belong to Omnia, a beautiful European Burmese cat, who passed away in February. We had some time to prepare for her death after she was diagnosed with cancer, but when it happened, it was devastating. Many tears were shed on her behalf, and I still can’t help but get choked up when I see photos of her. There’s something about the unconditional love that animals provide that brings out the softie in me. 

    Rest in peace Omnia.