1. Me: “Do I look like I’ve lost weight, babes?”

    Him: “Your vertical stripes aren’t doing you any favors.”

    Leave it to my gaybies to always dish out the cold, hard truth. Despite my fear of vertical stripes, I have an affinity for all things Parisian so when I spotted this shirt, you better believe my hands were all over it like Indians on curry, Mexicans on tacos, ____ insert other stereotype. Sequins and stripes and zig zags? J. Crew - you made my little heart proud. 

    Taking a tip from my ol’ styling days, i decided to wear one of my favorite dresses with the most delicate lace from Paris, and use it for a skirt. I put the sequined J. Crew on top, and accentuated my waist line with a mini belt from Phillip Lim. My many uses for this belt has deemed it well worth the investment. 

    The lesson of the week, if there was to be one: when feeling terrible about the world, put on all of your favorite clothes, and fake it ‘til you make it. 

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