1. The W Hotel was conveniently located across the street from my residence in Dallas, and this cowboy hat motif wallpaper caught my fancy.


  2. Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit in Dallas


    I had the luxury of seeing the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in Dallas, and words are difficult to describe the magic of Jean Paul Gaultier’s imagination. Unfortunately, I was unable to discretely snap photos once inside, but a friend managed to capture me in front of JPG’s archetypical sailor stripes. Once again, I donned shades of grey and black from head to toe.


  3. Red Pantaloons



    I spent February in Dallas, and one of my favorite acquisitions there were my red Current Elliot stiletto jeans, which I like to wear sans stilettos on most occasions. On a somewhat related note, I used to love the word stiletto, and now I think it’s trashy along the likes of ‘lucite heel.’ It conjures up images of professional dancers, and not of the ballroom variety. 


  4. Another snapshot from Omar; this time in front of a vintage Volkswagen van. I find the van quite endearing, how about you? 


  5. One of the things I miss most about LA is the ocean and canyons which were always accessible to me. My friend Omar snapped this picture when we were taking a stroll on Venice beach. Who wears black to the beach? Appropriate, no?


  6. I started out the year with a short visit to San Francisco. I stayed at the Westin that was on Union Square, and right next to the hotel was the Goyard store with classic luggage displayed outside. I would like a piece of monogram luggage to use as a coffee table when I finally settle down somewhere.